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To Our Valued Clients and Partners,

As we navigate the current reality imposed upon us all by the Coronavirus pandemic, we would like to update you concerning JLGA’s response to this unprecedented situation.

First and foremost, our highest priorities remain the health and wellbeing of our staff and partners, along with our ongoing responsibility to our clients.

At present, we have continued our project work without interruption or impact to productivity or quality. Our entire staff was already equipped with the ability to work remotely, making that transition for those who are now doing so a seamless one.

Our design teams are adapting, along with everyone, to a broader scale of remote work throughout the workforce than has ever been seen before—along with a marked curtailment of person-to-person contact.

We understand that the concepts of collaboration, coordination, and communication during this time are taking on an expanded meaning and will likely engender further changes to the way we work. JLGA will continue to adapt and evolve in response to such changes so that we can continue to achieve the highest level of design, productivity, and project management possible.

JLGA has instituted the following measures and policies to safeguard the health of our staff, clients, and partners, while keeping our projects moving forward:

  • As noted, our staff has been fully equipped with all the tools necessary to work remotely;
  • We will respect and adhere to all CDC or government-issued directives as they are issued;
  • We have committed to minimizing in-person meetings and site visits in favor of maximizing the use of digital imaging / transfer and audio / video conferencing capabilities;
  • All JLGA staff are forwarding calls from their office land lines to their mobile phones for remote work to ensure uninterrupted communications;
  • We have put a notification system in place for informing our staff, clients, and partners should someone at JLGA, or a close partner or contact, test positive for coronavirus.

Please be assured that we are giving careful consideration to every aspect of this evolving situation so that JLGA can continue to deliver the highest quality work to our clients and partners while protecting the health of our staff—and yours.

Jack L. Gordon, AIA

Christopher Zelisko, AIA